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Hi I’m Simona Bartolozzi

I am an Italian-American passionate Entrepreneur, born in Sicily, a warm land full of culture, traditions and hospitality. I graduated from the University of Palermo with a degree in Political Science, international field and I started traveling a lot: I spent 14 years in USA, between Connecticut and Florida, as Export Manager and Events Planning Consultant, promoting the Italian culture: food, luxury destinations, fashion and art, keeping a strong relationship with my Italian roots.

While I was living the American culture with its capitalism and free market, I realized that we live in a world of multinationals and mass produced products, represented mostly by the movement of Pop Art, based on simple, everyday items, such as newspapers, comic books and magazines. “All art appeals to people on an emotional level, but Pop Art is experienced on an experiential level. It comes from our daily lives. It keeps up with the society and the times in a way other art forms don’t.” …Julie Maner, Director of Business Affairs at Museum Editions, Ltd., New York.

I truly believe that Pop Art is A PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE, incorporating subjects and products of our daily routine in artwork: art for everyone, not only for few, art can be placed everywhere, not only to be found in the museums. Therefore, I represent a selection of Italian New Pop Artists, promoting and supporting them through my website to make their art accessible to everyone.

In 2018 I moved back to Sicily, following my true passion: the Pop Art.

The first Italian New Pop artist that I met was Max Ferrigno, while I was organizing and promoting a group Exhibition entitled “Connessioni” at Villa Zito in Palermo. He was looking for an Art Advisor for USA and he asked me if I was interested in doing it. I had no idea who he was, but when I saw his studio, I suddenly liked the style and the themes of his works: pop culture and comic figures, real subjects and imaginary characters, reality and imagination. From that moment on, I worked with him on searching other Italian emerging New Pop artists for their visibility and promotion through my website.